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When we begin to have children, there is a remembering that occurs. It is a remembering of a time when a child was received by its entire village. It is a memory of being guided into motherhood by a tribe of women. It is a time of being welcomed into fatherhood by a clan of men. It is a memory that arrives as a dull ache in the heart–a longing, as we find ourselves staring in the mirror at three in the morning, a warm bundle of baby in arms, wondering: does everyone feel this lonely?

The Centre is an attempt to address that longing at its core. It is a project that aims to surround our growing families with a variety of opportunities to connect with other parents, learn from each other, share experiences, enjoy our children, eat, sing and nurture our bodies and selves. It is an attempt to create a village within and without this great city.

Unique, nurturing and welcoming workshops are lead by Sasha Padron and her team of doulas, holistic nutritionists and yoga teachers. A doula since 1992, and director of the pre/postnatal program at Yogaspace since 2000, Sasha has been attending births, providing mentorships for young doulas, facilitating mother’s groups, birth preparation classes, teaching prenatal yoga and partner yoga, and leading the prenatal yoga teacher training program at Yogaspace.

Now fully realizing her vision and expanding on the offerings of the past, The Centre will also offer family retreats,  retreats for mothers,  parenting support groups and workshops, mentoring, private counseling and a doula training program.

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