Birth Preparation


These birth preparation classes are inspired by the many births we have attended as doulas, our training with Pam England (Birthing from Within), our many years practicing yoga and the constant learning that comes from working with expectant families.

The topics covered during the course include:

  • Understanding the physiology of labour and delivery.
  • The beginning of labour; how to cope with the joys and challenges of early labour effectively and positively.
  • The middle and end of labour; building a positive coping mindset, understanding how positions affect labour, exploring massage and all comfort measures that ease the process of labour. Tapping into our warrior spirit; building trust, confidence, endurance, gentleness and awareness.
  • Pushing; exploring positions, how to be effective during this stage, perineal massage, gentle birth etc.
  • The Partner’s/Father’s Role; exploring their concerns, what is good labour support? Exploring their role at the birth.
  • Recovery, Healing, Adjusting to the postpartum period.

A portion of each class is dedicated to exploring coping strategies ie; the breath, movement, sound, visualization, massage etc. Experiential exercises are used to explore fears, concerns, expectations and to tap into inner resources and wisdom, building awareness around how we are approaching birth and parenting.

Workshops that complement this class:
Welcoming Your New Baby

New Offering: Live Online Classes

We are now offering live online classes.
Wednesdays from 7 – 9 pm
April 5 – May 10
Cost is $170 (including tax)
For more information or to register follow this link

Thursdays from 6:30 to 8:30 pm

March 9 - April 6
April 13 - May 4

$260 per couple (inc tax)

Facilitator: Geraldine Dempsey
Location: Spadina and Dupont

To register for a Thursday session, please email Geraldine @


March 26/April 2
May 7/14

Two Sundays 11 - 6 pm

June 24/25
Saturday & Sunday
11am – 6pm

$260 per couple (inc tax)

Facilitators: Geraldine and Sasha Padron alternate morning and afternoon
Location: Spadina and Dupont

To register for one of the weekend intensives; let us know which one, send us your names, midwife or doctor's name and due date. Let us know which form of payment you prefer: paypal, e-transfer or cheque.

To pay using paypal click on the yellow button below.

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Cancellation Policy: Any cancellations made thirty days prior to a session's start date will be fully refunded. Payments are non-refundable if cancellation occurs less then thirty days prior to start date.

If you have any questions or would like to register please contact us