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Birthing Doula Care

Trained in the physiology of childbirth and the emotional and physical demands of the childbearing woman and her family, a doula helps expectant parents before, during and after the birth of their baby through preparation, guidance, hands-on physical support, encouragement, advocacy and companionship.

Doulas do not duplicate the care offered by midwives, doctors or nurses. They do not replace the woman’s partner, family or anyone who will accompany her during her birth. We work with the maternity care team to create a positive and rewarding birth experience for the labouring woman and her family. Client-tailored services include:

• A minimum of two prenatal home visits (1.5 to 2 hours each). The prenatal visits create an opportunity to build relationship. They help us understand; your unique needs, your wishes for your birth, your concerns and how we can apply our support to bring the greatest ease in to the day of your baby’s birth.

• Continuous care throughout the labour and the early postpartum period. This would include massage, emotional and physical support, guidance, suggestions and advocacy.

• A minimum of two postpartum home visits to offer practical help with breastfeeding, healing and caring for your infant, and emotional support for you during the early postpartum weeks.

• A primary and a back-up Doula who are on call 24 hours a day until your baby is eight weeks old.

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Postpartum Doula Care

As new mothers, we are asked to give every ounce of our physical and emotional being to take care of our new baby. This work becomes hard to do if we don’t have the support and time to take care of ourselves. Many of us live far from family, our partners have busy work schedules or we simply can’t find the time to do the things that nourish us. A postpartum doula’s role is to nurture the new mother and can be a great help in this time of transition.Every mother’s needs are different so the support we offer is flexible.  Our services generally include:

* breastfeeding support
* new baby care (while you shower or rest)
* emotional support
* healing and recovery support
* grocery shopping
* cooking meals
* postnatal yoga

Our postpartum package for $800 includes thirty hours of postpartum care over any period of three weeks. The package also includes four hours of postnatal yoga during these hours. Individual visits can also be arranged at $30 an hour.

For more information or to arrange care please contact us.

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