Mother’s Circles

A safe and nurturing space for mamas to gather and share their stories, their joys and challenges, to find support, laughter and sisterhood as they move through the incredible journey of mothering. This is a place to share, to ask, to grow and to support each other.

A little history from Sasha: I have been leading Mother’s Groups for many many years. They began as weekly gatherings at Yogaspace, shifted over to a small studio I had at the back of our house on Mansfield Avenue, then over to the beautiful studio at 80 Gladstone Avenue and most recently to my new home in a very rural community outside of Peterborough. This latest version combines meeting virtually and meeting in-person. Leading Mother’s Circles this way means I am able to continue serving new mothers in Toronto AND mothers who live in rural areas and don’t have access to facilitated support groups. It means spreading the love and support.

The virtual Mother’s Group was a big experiment. I wasn’t sure that it was going to result in cultivating the same kind of warmth and community that in-person gatherings had but IT DID!!! I have added some testimonials below that may help illuminate what this can be about.

These groups have been incredibly dear to my heart. Sharing our experiences, our stories, our joys and challenges fills a deep rooted need to be seen and heard as we journey through this tumultuous landscape called motherhood. It is clear to me, that we all need somewhere to land. That in a safe and warm community, we grow and thrive together as women and as mothers.

Thursdays 10:30 – 12 pm
March 29 – May 31 (10 wks)

Mother’s Group Sliding Scale:
$190 – Supporter Rate
$170 –  Sustainer Rate
$150 –  Community Rate

If you would like to join the next session, send us a note from our contact page.

[feature_box style=”31″ title=”Jennifer%20Bosworth%20mother%20of%20baby%20Jet” alignment=”center”]

The Online Mother’s Group was easily the most valuable activity I participated in as a new Mom. After each session, I left feeling filled up, confident, supported and heard. I was in good company among awesome like-minded new mothers. It was unbelievable how quickly I felt like I knew these women which was a surprise to me given the online platform. I was skeptical of what could be achieved not being face to face but we went deep quickly and covered so much territory! Through Sasha’s super powers as the ultimate facilitator she gently steered the conversation in directions I didn’t even know we were going but were so needed. I really can’t say enough good things about the online group or over state how much of a positive role it played for me in those early days.

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The mother’s group gave me a weekly safe space with other new moms to discuss questions, concerns and those ever changing emotions all without having to leave my living room. I was able to meet other women at a time that can be isolating as a new mother. I am happy to have these women as friends even after our circle concluded. Having completed 2 programs now with Sasha, both using the online platform, I can say that it was such a convenient and successful way to utilize her wealth of knowledge on birth and motherhood. She’s inspiring in so many ways, and I’m so glad I’ve had the chance to get to know her.

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Feeling so thankful for this group. Sasha is amazing and it’s inspiring connecting with other women in the mama circle.  As a new mom this group allowed me to talk about feelings in a community that offered reflection, encouragement and solidarity. The mothers circle is like a container that catches all the joys and struggles throughout the week. Being witnessed, feelings transform, integrate and space is made for a deeper sense of self.



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