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We are a group of passionate doulas, parents, group facilitators, childbirth educators and yoga instructors,  aiming to create a large circle of support and community for families everywhere.

Sasha Padron

I have been attending births as a doula for 24 years. In 1994, I was lured to the world of yoga following the birth of my first son. Soon afterward, my doula partner, Kathryn Beet and I, joined forces to create the renowned Yogaspace pre/postnatal program. In 2001, I became sole director of the program and have kept it growing both within and beyond Yogaspace ever since. The Centre was born as the program grew and the needs of our community expanded.

Having attended over 750 births, I know that a strong yoga practice provides women with an incredibly powerful support system as they prepare for birth and motherhood. Over the years, I have strived to bring the wisdom of birth and the teachings of yoga to our prenatal yoga classes, our birth preparation classes, our mentorships for young doulas and our mother’s circles. I have also been strongly influenced by the following individuals and teachings;  The Art of Mentoring and the Eight Shield’s Institute (Jon Young), Claire Zammit and The Feminine Power courses she leads, all the women and men I have worked with over the years and the wonderful people who serve our families in genuinely positive and progressive ways; doulas, midwives, nurses, OBGYNs, Family Doctors, Osteopaths, Doctors of Chinese Medicine, Massage Therapists, The Synergy Sports Clinic…I could go on and on…

Elizabeth Ronan

I’ve always felt that childbearing has the ability to transform women and families. I believe that there needs to be a shift towards honoring birth as a sacred time. Empowering mothers, inviting more love and compassion into the birth room, and beyond into parenthood, are vital aspects of this change. This is the reason I became a Doula, and rang especially true for me with the birth of my son. I have been attending births, supporting parents, and parents-to-be  for more than 10 years. I also run a lovely natural health boutique in Toronto’s Leaside neighbourhood. My background is in health & nutrition, with a particular interest in women’s and children’s health. I have had the privilege of training in the philosophies of Birthing From Within, acupressure for birth and postpartum care, and am currently a student of Dr. Aviva Romm’s program: Herbal Medicine for Women. I bring all of these insightful traditions to my practice of mindful, collaborative birth support. I am grateful for all the strength and wisdom mamas have shared with me – you are my greatest teachers.

Elizabeth Palmero


I am mother to two busy little boys, ages 4 and 2. Each time I come to my yoga mat I am amazed at how both yoga and parenting reveal the secrets of “not doing.” I am reminded by attachment parenting by Gordon Neufeld and Waldorf in the home that less is more. Similarly, my yoga practice teaches me to let go and simplify.

After 10 years of exploring yoga around Toronto, I landed at Yogaspace in my first pregnancy where I heard the voice of inner wisdom growing louder and louder. I laughed and cried and prepared for childbirth with Sasha Padron. And I knew I needed to share the experience of self-discovery in this way with others. It is the circle of support that blossomed into The Centre that’s guided me along my path of blessings: from mothers groups, to yoga teaching training, to parenting support and new friendships.

Being a mother is so incredibly fulfilling and challenging. I try to be mindful, gracious and full of gratitude for my family, friends, teachers and community known and unknown. And for the teacher within my children, who mirror my actions and call to attention my strengths and weaknesses every day. They make my heart burst (and ache) with more love than I ever imagined possible.

I have an affinity for baby bellies and working with pregnant women. I teach pre- and postnatal yoga classes and am completing 500-hours of teacher training at Octopus Garden to now share my joy for yoga with every body of all levels. Lately there has been another voice growing louder within: to follow the path of doula to support expectant women and their families. Follow my new blog for my teaching schedule, musings, questions and stories. I hope to hear yours too.

Geraldine Dempsey

I’ve been attending births and working with new mothers for over 15 years now, inspired by the supportive community of women I found during my first pregnancy and transition to motherhood. As well as attending births, I provide postpartum support to new mothers and their families, teach childbirth education classes (inspired by my training with Pam England: Birthing from Within), and postnatal yoga classes.

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