Sasha Padron

Sasha Padron has been attending births as a doula for 20 years. In 1994, she was lured to the world of yoga following the birth of her first son. Soon afterward, she and her doula partner, Kathryn Beet, joined forces to create the renowned Yogaspace pre/postnatal program. In 2001, Sasha became sole director of the program and has kept it growing both within and beyond Yogasace ever since.

Now, in addition to her ongoing classes and work at Yogaspace, The Centre will offer programming for fathers, and couples, a drop-in for parents and children, parenting support groups and workshops, a monthly community potluck, a community kitchen, full-day retreats and music nights.

Having attended over 600 births, Sasha knows that a strong yoga practice provides women with an incredibly powerful support system as they prepare for birth and motherhood. Over the years, Sasha has also been providing mentorship for young doulas, facilitating mother’s groups, and leading birth preparation classes. Alongside her offerings at Yogaspace, The Centre marks a new chapter in offering support and community for new and growing families.

“I am so excited to finally have a home for a vision I have been carrying for many years. 80 Gladstone is the perfect place to do this; create a space where the work of nurturing and supporting our growing families can continue to thrive in a meaningful way for everyone.”