Welcoming Your New Baby

Laila’s breath came in a rapid puppy panting pattern and then suddenly stopped.  There was a painstaking pause, only fractions of a second, but terrifyingly long for her parents, who thought she had stopped breathing completely, and then she started panting again…rapid puppy panting…followed by pause and then pause and then…oh such quiet, gentle, breathing.  So quiet is was hard to hear and then soft purring almost snoring. Moments later, six minutes by the clock, she was panting again, this time, eyes half open and crossed. In this delightfully delicious state of  newborn slumber, tucked in to her papa’s arm, she had no way of knowing that they were looking at each other frantically wondering, “Can this possibly be normal?!”

It is unusual in this day and age, that by the time we are having our first baby, we have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with a two day old baby. For most people, exposure to, let alone quality time spent with a baby under six weeks old, is rare.  And of course, a moment or a few hours here and there with a little one that belongs to someone else does not compare to the experience of holding and having your very own child.

The intention of this workshop is to shed some light, stories and knowledge on newborn babies and the ways in which we can make the transition from our lives without them to our lives with them, rich and smooth as well as a time of great celebration.

Here are some of the topics we will be exploring and discussing:

  • caring for and understanding your newborn baby
  • creating the environment that will nurture  all of you in the first months of life together
  • understanding your baby’s sleep rhythms

Saturday 11 – 2 pm
October 1
(fees include HST)

To register, please contact us and include your name/s, date you would like to register for and method of payment (cheque or e-transfer). Sliding scale available.

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