Pre & Postnatal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga

Our drop-in prenatal Yoga classes offer women the opportunity to connect with other pregnant women in a nurturing environment as they gently and safely support their changing bodies, minds and spirits under the careful guidance of wise, experienced and knowledgeable Yoga teachers/doulas. Connecting to community in this way supports mother and child through this important development in their lives, both individually and together. Classes are held at Yogaspace at 140 Ossington avenue on:

Tuesdays             6 – 7 pm                  with Kira Liss
Wednesdays      11 – 12:20 pm        with Louisa Pucci
Fridays                11 – 12:20 pm        with Christie Hill
Sundays             9:30 – 11 am           with Sasha Padron


Postnatal Yoga

Our postnatal yoga class is for women who are recovering from childbirth and adapting to their new lives as mothers. Stretch tired muscles, sore shoulders, aching hips and stabilize the two major joints in your body that are in recovery. Take this time to show us your new babe and connect with other new Mom’s as well as teacher/Mom’s from our excellent pre/post-postnatal team. Also held at Yogaspace at 140 Ossington ave on:

Thursdays     11 – 12 pm     with Geraldine Dempsey

While the class is preregistered, drop ins are also welcome if there is space in the class. Please call 416-516-9940 for more information or to register for a session.

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